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When? Where? What? - Geoinformation gives the answer

Geoinformation services are much more than true-to-nature representations of topography and terrain: Derived from satellite or airborne imagery or gathered through sensors on ground or in space, they tell you what happens where and when. They provide a wide range of data on weather, surface and aerial traffic, shipping routes and ship locations, land use and biomass, to name just a few.

Such data can be visualized as raster and vector maps; it can be used to trigger alerts or compile reports, on water quality or agricultural land use, for example.

On CloudEO GeoMarketplace you find a multitude of innovative GeoServices.

There are:
  • One-time products - produced on demand or available off-the-shelf
  • Repeatedly generated by monitoring services
  • Applied to historic data sets to understand developments in the past

With our GeoServices you draw on world-leading experts in the various fields. Either they produce the products customized for you or you benefit from semi-automated or automated standard services delivering information in minutes. The data can be made accessible, depending on the specific services and products either by file transfer, through a web service, or by setting up specific clients and APIs.

Image Productsort descending Provider
Romania, map, vector, shape, touristic map, POI Base map of Romania Micromapper
  • Vector geographic data of Romania
  • Mapping and webmaps
  • Tourist attractions, hiking tracks
  • Geocoding and...
Change Detection Service Earthcube
  • You want to see the changes between two dataset?
  • Upload your imagery to your CloudEO change detection account
  • ...
Damage Assessment Earthcube
  • Detect any changes larger than 500 m2
  • Screen 100s of km2 quickly and at low costs
  • Highlight...
forestry, Timber Volume, TV, ground biomass, GSV, Growing Stock Volume, boreal forest E|O|S Timber Volume Earth Observation Services
  • Timber Volume estimation and mapping
  • Product based on ALOS PALSAR
  • 12 / 25 m spatial resolution. Available for...
eoWaterQuality EOMAP
  • Daily measures at medium resolution
  • Coastal and inland water evaluation
  • Worldwide available


FieldScout, Geocledian FieldScout Geocledian
  • The remote field scout for land planner and decision makers in agriculture
  • Web-based field monitoring using Landsat and...
Ceptu FieldSense FieldSense Ceptu
  • Use this IOS or Android APP and monitor crop health most easily
  • Access data and imagery on web, smartphone and tablet...
Romania, map, vector, shape, touristic map, POI, address, block of flats, stairways Geocoding of Romania Micromapper
  • Vector geographic data of Romania
  • For geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • More than 1 million addresses, blocks of...
Romania, geo marketing, POI, vectors, shp, shape Geomarketing data of Romania Micromapper
  • Vector geographic data of Romania for Geospatial Business Intelligence
  • Geodemographic data
  • Points of interest...
LandMask HySpeed Computing
  • Monitor land and shoreline extent over time
  • Understand the history - detect recent changes
  • Determine the presence...
Romania, vector, routing applications, road network with restriction data Routing data of Romania Micromapper
  • Vector geographic data of Romania for routing applications
  • Road network with restriction data


Satellite AIS Satellite AIS - Archive SpaceQuest
  • See where certain ships have been in the past
  • The satellite AIS provides detection on ocean and inland waterways
  • ...
Sichtbarkeitsanalyse Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen
  • Wo ist die Windkraftanlage sichtbar?
  • Wie beeinflusst die Stromtrasse das Landschaftsbild?
  • Beschleunigen Sie mit...
LCM, main Silvisense Science [&] Technology AS
  • Land cover maps
  • Vegetated areas and water bodies
  • Bare soil and infrastructure
  • Based on Sentinel-2...
Terrain Profiles Terrain Profiles CloudEO
  • Get elevation data between two locations
  • Visualize obstructions in line of sight
  • Simplify microwave link planning...
TimeCaster Maerospace
  • Professional ship and cargo tracking with enhanced satellite AIS data
  • Position of every ship updated every 10 minutes...
TimeScan, DLR TimeScan DLR
  • Get a quick impression on main land...
TimeScan on Demand DLR
  • Get a quick impression on main land cover characteristics
  • Accelerate and improve your classification workflows
  • ...
Urban Heat Islands Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • Check climate characteristics
  • ...
Visibility Analysis Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen
  • Where do I see the windmill?
  • How does the transmission line impact the landscape?
  • Accelerate your planning with a...
WaterMask WaterMask HySpeed Computing
  • Monitor the extent of reservoirs and lakes over time
  • Understand the history - detect recent changes
  • Observe...