More than IT:
Access to geodata, software for automated and interactive workflows

Extracting data from single aerial or satellite images is already a highly involved task - analyzing entire volumes of imagery requires a substantially higher level of number crunching: Beyond powerful information technology, high bandwidth for data transfers, and Petabytes of storage capacity for the immense amount of data which is acquired around the globe every minute, this level of data processing requires adequate and convenient man-machine interfaces, and needs to support efficient semi-automated workflows.

CloudEO provides all this to its customers - a powerful connection for automated processes, and the appropriate tools to assist human data interpretation, data selection and quality checks. CloudEO connects you to commercial image archives, as well as to the large archives of Landsat 8 and Sentinel data. You can scale your usage from low-cost computing power up to multi-core environments, GPU acceleration, and latest storage technology for fast data access. Based on your requirements for data security, service reliability, access and data needs, we work with our cloud partners to offer you the best solution.

CloudEO Workbench is the ideal environment for any desktop application, which will benefit from virtualisation, access to remote sensing data and software. Customers don’t have to adjust to a new desktop environment, but can work the same environment they are using in their office - but with better scalability, and less efforts for data handling and maintenance.

Dedicated workbenches come with pre-installed software for immediate use.

Within our GeoProduction Center, partners can upload their applications to be executed through specific APIs or integrated in full workflows for on demand production of GeoServices. Thus they can take advantage of CloudEO’s GeoAnalytics simplifying e.g. data search, download, pre-processing and publishing of geodata.

Please note:

  • If your analytics is based on ENVI Service Engine (ESE) no costs apply if you use the software on CloudEO Geo-IT and sell your product on CloudEO GeoMarketplace
  • If you have a pre-commercial application and you are looking for an environment to bring it quickly to market without huge investment risks, check out our development centers

ENVI in the Cloud
  • Monthly licenses for ENVI, IDL, Photogrammetry and SARscape
  • Full functionality of the desktop licenses
  • Readily installed on powerful I...
ENVI in the Cloud, Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • Monthly licenses for ENVI, IDL and SARscape for academia
  • Readily installed on powerful IT
  • Storage, backup and maintenance included...
CloudEO Evaluation Workbench
  • Would like to check if a virtual remote sensing or GIS desktop is right for you?
  • Test our evaluation workbench for free
  • View sample da...
  • Develop applications on KOMPSAT data at low costs
  • You have great ideas for a new application.
  • Boost its performance with KOMPSAT data...
  • Order on a monthly basis
  • Any software is readily installed
  • New Landsat-8 images will automatically be uploaded
  • ENVI + IDL...
Racurs, PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench
  • Use for full-scale processing of SAR data
  • Utilize remote sensing data on CloudEO or upload your own data
  • No software installation requ...
PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench, Racurs
  • Full-scale processing of SAR data
  • Use Remote Sensing data on CloudEO or upload your own data
  • Special terms for a territory monitoring...
PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs
  • Get full digital photogrammetry on a virtual desktop
  • Allows 2D & 3D feature extraction
  • Supports UAS, airborne and satellite imager...
PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs
  • Wide range of supported sensors
  • 2D and 3D feature extraction from airborne and satellite imagery
  • Full UAS support
  • Use Remote...
CloudEO Workbench
  • Boost your geoprocessing with this unique virtual remote
    sensing and GIS desktop
  • Publish your results easily
  • Find ready-to-use QG...