Digital Elevation Models

On demand and off-the-shelf Digital Elevation Models

Digital Elevation Models can be sorted in two general categories: Digital Terrain Models are (DTM) are digitized surface representations that model the “naked” earth, thus eliminating any man-made structures like buildings and bridges, but also natural surface features like trees and entire forests. Digital Surface Models (DSM), on the other hand, use pixels to represent actual surface patterns, which do include the shapes and heights of buildings as well as trees.

Digital Elevation Models have become essential for practically all planning applications, from flood prevention and flood analysis to the viewshed analysis for assessment of wind turbines or landfill sites; they are useful tools in determining the location of radio relay systems and cellular communication towers, for example. While publicly available data may be available for free, those are mostly too coarse, and tend to be unprocessed outdated. On the other hand, commercial products are verified, high resolution, and available on a regional or global basis with homogeneous quality. For the most up-to-date Elevation Models, data can be generated locally on demand. Sources are SAR and stereo satellite images or for most accurate models aerial reconnaissance using Lidar or photogrammetric solutions.

CloudEO GeoMarketplace is your one-stop shop for all types of Digital Elevation Models:

  • Off-the-shelf DEMs, which are immediately available
  • DTM and DSM produced for your individual demand by our professional partners
  • DEMs are available in a wide range of spatial resolutions and granularity
  • You can buy them with traditional permanent licences for download
  • You can subscribe to a temporary usage in a pay-per-use scheme
  • CloudEO partners can additionally benefit from most attractive revenue share models

Image Productsort descending Provider
NEXTMap as a Service - Europe Intermap Technologies
  • Benefit from high quality elevation data
  • Save costs with short term licenses
  • Simple use on CloudEO Workbench...
NEXTMap as a Service - USA Intermap Technologies
  • Benefit from high quality elevation data
  • Save costs with short term licenses
  • Simply use on CloudEO Workbench...
NEXTMap DEM Europe NEXTMap DEM - Europe Intermap Technologies
  • Highly accurate and consistent digital elevation for Western Europe
  • Complete country wide DTM and DSM mosaics without...
NEXTMap DEM - USA NEXTMap DEM - USA Intermap Technologies
  • Highly accurate and consistent digital elevation models for whole USA
  • Complete country wide DTM and DSM mosaics available...
NEXTMap World 10 Intermap Technologies
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Ideal for...
NEXTMap World 30, Intermap Technologies NEXTMap World 30 Intermap Technologies
  • World wide digital surface model (DSM)
  • Fused SRTM, ASTER, GTOPO-30
  • Vertically controlled using ICESat LiDAR...
PlanetDEM 30 Plus PlanetObserver
  • Global coverage
  • Seamless, reliable and accurate
  • 30 m resolution
  • Based on worldwide homogenous SRTM data...
PlanetDEM 90 PlanetObserver
  • Global elevation product
  • Resolution: 90 m
  • Entirely void-free and reliable data immediately available
  • ...
Terrain Profiles Terrain Profiles CloudEO
  • Get elevation data between two locations
  • Visualize obstructions in line of sight
  • Simplify microwave link planning...
WorldDEM, world coverage, 3D, terrain WorldDEM Airbus Defence and Space
  • Spatial resolution: horizontal 12 m, vertical 4 m absolute
  • Pole-to-pole coverage: Homogenous standardised DEM for any spot...