At Exogenesis our small, but capable team is comprised of Geospatial and Data Science professionals who have been working in the industries of GIS, Remote Sensing, and the Department of Defense for over 15 years which enables us to offer a wide array of skill sets, end products, and software to customers both actively engaged in the Earth Observation and Remote Sensing industries as well as customers who, while perhaps not outfitted with teams of geospatial analysts themselves, would stand to benefit from our expertise and attention to detail.

Big Geospatial Data is currently one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry, but all that data, despite possessing near limitless possible applications, is only as good as the analytics and insight derived from it. Exogenesis works with the latest bleeding edge electro-optical sensor data available today and is your go-to team of geospatial and data scientists poised to deliver definitive, actionable results to your company's mission and objectives.

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