Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment, Earthcube

The GeoService Damage Assessment from Earthcube detects all changes which are larger than 500 m2. The change may be due to a damage an event like a storm, earthquake, fire, hail or flooding has caused.

For this and many other damage assessment tasks this GeoService highlights within your selected area of interest all affected objects. The add-on options allow you to further categorize the type of the changes: You can choose between one or multiple maps, which delineate the effect of the event on trees (deforestration), infrastructure, on agricultural fields or show the flood extent.

Recommended use 

Insurance companies, farmers, environmental consultants and actually everyone interested to assess the damage after an event can use this service and integrate the results in his workflows. Geospatial experts easily embed the digital maps into their GIS analysis. If one or more of the add-on options are chosen, the individual maps on forest or infrastructure change are represented as separate layers within the resulting shape file. The change detection report in PDF format is designed to be part of any official documentation.

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How to define an AOI?
How to define an AOI

Draw AOI
Use to draw your AOI, double click to finish a polygon. You can edit your polygon with If you want to delete a polygon use to select it and click on .
Upload AOI as KML/KMZ
Click on to go to your AOI page:
  • Here you can upload your AOI (area of interest) as KML/KMZ files.
  • The programm will use the first valid polygon in the file.
  • Please refresh the product page in your browser if you make any changes at the AOI page!
Start date
E.g., 2018-04-21
Damage Assessment



Powered by 

Landsat-8, Sentinel-2

On demand 


Access mode 



Shapefile, PDF

Delivery time 

A few business days


Configure and order 

  • Area of interest (AOI): Please define your area of interest either by drawing or uploading a file.
  • Basic package: This option is selected as default, as you will get in any case a change detection for your AOI.
  • Minimum object size to detect: Please select the minimum size of objects, you want to have detected. You can select between two options representing e.g. larger buildings (50m x 10m) or groups of buildings or industrial areas (200m x 100m).
  • Delivery Package: You can select between a map of changes as shapefile, a change detection report or select both.
  • Start date: Please provide the date of the event which may have caused the damage. We will use the data sets closest to the event before and after. We may use multiple data sets to cover your AOI at best.
  • Remarks: Please insert any questions and comments here.

Please note 

Request information, if you like us to

  • Detect damaged objects smaller than 500 m2
  • Further possibilities of damage classification

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