Change Detection Service

Change Detection Service, Earthcube

The Change Detection Service from Earthcube gives you easy access to the advanced analytics of Earthcube for your airborne or satellite imagery on subscription basis.

Upload your imagery to your private account on CloudEO and get back all detected changes. You can choose between a change detection map in vector format for your GIS work or a change detection report in pdf format.


Recommended use

If you have high resolution images and you want to detect the changes and create a map for further analytics this is a very time consuming measure.

Reports say that for targets like cars a trained analysts would need more than 50 hours to analyse a 2000 x 2000 scene. Modern software technologies can accelerate this process, but it is still time consuming and expensive.

With this automated approach by Earthcube everyone can get in few minutes a classification map of high quality and a change detection report in pdf format. It only requires you to upload the imagery and download the results when ready. If you have questions if your imagery fit the requirements, just contact us.

It is unique 

The approach used to detect changes is very different from most approaches commonly used that are based purely on machine learning and are highly dependent on the scenario or the type of elements you want to see. By a statistical approach, we detect the main differences between two views of the same site no matter what the scenario is. We have managed to be robust to natural changes such as difference of satellite orientation and of light intensity.

The product was developed with and for satellite image analysts working in the Defense sector and tested with the French Space Agency and is also used by customers in the private sector.

Earthcube provides this service on subscription basis. Without investing in expensive software solutions or spend time-consuming training how to use it, simply book your package of data volume and use it within your selected subscription time.

So don't spend hours analyzing images anymore or struggling to find an appropriate source of information. No specific skills are needed to estimate the situation of your site. You get an automated report of the situation of your area of interest.

Product description 

The algorithm developed by Earthcube automatically detects changes that have occurred between two scenes. It is relatively robust to changes due to acquisition conditions, e.g. parallax and illumination. The detection is run on one band at a time but we can accommodate any spectral combination or panchromatic.

Thanks to cloud computing, we are able to process any kind of full size image - whether it is a medium resolution image or a very high resolution image - within a few minutes. By increasing the number of cores used, we can get detection reports no matter what the size of the image is.

Earthcube algorithm is based on a mathematically approach that highlights all the changes statistically relevant while minimizing false alarm. With this approach false alarm rate is virtually close to 0 with very high detection rate. Changes are then classified depending on the customers' need with state-of-the-art AI algorithm. With this approach we typically reach close to >95% detection rate with less than 1% of false positives.

The analysis was tested successfully on airborne and on satellite imagery from planet, Earth-i, Landsat Deimos Imaging, DigitalGlobe and Airbus.

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Change Detection Service



On demand 

The service will be executed on your imagery

Access mode 



Shapefile, PDF

Delivery time 

A few business days

Data exchange 

You will get a link for up- and download of your data


Data privacy ensured


Configure and order 

  • Basic package: This option is selected as default, as you will get in any case a change detection for your datasets.
  • Delivery package: You can select between a map of changes as shapefile, a change detection report or both.
  • Resolution of your images: The change detection will be performed on your input images and the effort and price varies dependent on the resolution. If your images have a different resolution, the best resolution will determine the price.
  • Size of your area of interest: Please provide us with the approximate size of the area you are interested in.
  • Remarks: Please insert any questions and comments here.

Once we receive your order, you will get a link to upload your imagery and optionally your AOI. We will perform the service and once ready, we will send to you an e-mail and provide a link to download the results. Of course, any files you deliver to us, will be deleted after the delivery of results to you.

Customer feedback 

An army officer:
"What is interesting in this approach is that all the changes are detected. Not 90% of them. I don’t want to spend time searching for the missing changes afterwards."

An agent in charge of site surveillance for environmental purposes:
"Until today, we were still sending over 100 persons on site to do inspections. But now, for sure, satellite imagery and its analysis will allow us to increase our monitoring frequency as well as our performances."

Please note 

Please be aware that your images need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Co-registered with an error at least <5pixels, ideally <2 pixels Georeferenced
  • Any system of coordinates, ideally UTM
  • Orthorectified
  • TIR band or visible band depending on the use case
  • Processing references: Planet, Earth-i, Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, Deimos Imaging, DigitalGlobe, Airbus Defence & Space

If you like to get the detected changes classified in categories of changes, let us know and we can provide to you a quote.

  • We ensure, that all data uploaded to our system are safe and the data will be automatically deleted after the results are produced.
  • Of course we will help you with our data offerings, if you don't have data yourself.

Pricing / Licensing 

Privacy: Your data are only used for this service and will be deleted immediately after producing your change detection map.
CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply.