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  • Lower costs for data, software and IT for your geoproduction
  • TimeScan, DLR
  • Ceptu FieldSense
  • WaterMask
  • Damage Assessment, Earthcube
  • forestry, Timber Volume, TV, ground biomass, GSV, Growing Stock Volume, boreal forest
  • Change Detection Service, Earthcube
  • TimeCaster, Maerospace, Marine, SpaceQuest, AIS
  • Satellite AIS
  • Terrain Profiles
  • LCM, main
  • FieldScout, Geocledian
  • Pleiades Satellite Image - Louvre, Abu Dhabi, UAE, © CNES 2016, Distribution Airbus DS, all rights reserved
  • EROS B, Application Maritime Monitoring, satellite image cloud
  • Romania, map, vector, shape, touristic map, POI
  • NEXTMap World 10 as a Service, Intermap Technologies, Digital Elevation Model, DEM, SaaS
  • ENVI in the Cloud
  • Racurs, PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench
  • NEXTMap 5 as a Service, Intermap Technologies, Digital Elevation Model, DEM, DaaS
  • PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs
  • DMC, base map, satellite image, country coverage, 22m, WMS, use for free, time license
  • Romania, geo marketing, POI, vectors, shp, shape
  • PlanetSAT Global, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Romania, map, vector, shape, touristic map, POI, address, block of flats, stairways
  • SPOT 6/7 Satellite Image - Wolf volcano, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, © Airbus 2015, all rights reserved
  • NEXTMap World 30 as a Service, Intermap Technologies, Digital Elevation Model, DEM, SaaS
  • WorldDEM, world coverage, 3D, terrain
  • Romania, vector, routing applications, road network with restriction data
  • TerraSAR-X
  • DMC, base map, satellite image, country coverage, 22m, WMS, use for free, time license
  • Terrain Profiles
  • Risk Monitoring, Earthcube
  • Seeing geophysical events - from weather patterns to vegetation growth or water currents - as they unfold in real-time, or in an historic overview or compilation, is crucial to making informed decisions, not only for land-related businesses like agriculture and forestry, but for many other industries as well.

    Remote sensing (from aerial vehicles to earth orbit satellites) and geodata are a crucial source for such information. The challenge here is that it requires expert knowledge to field and process the large volume of imagery that is required here.

    CloudEO GeoMarketplace is your one-stop shop for professional and reliable GeoServices, where you will find answers to questions from many domains - either to do historical and timeline analyses, or to monitor current events. Our GeoServices partners exploit for you the world's vast offerings of satellite and aerial imagery without requiring you to download and locally process satellite or aerial imagery. Get ready-to-use geoinformation for agriculture, forestry, marine, real estate, telecom, utilities, and many more.

  • Faster access to market
  • Data as a Service (DaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and IT as a Service (IaaS) are well-known concepts in many domains reducing upfront investments and making business processes scalable.

    CloudEO applies these sharing concepts to the geobusiness. You can cut costs and speed up your geoproduction with our offerings of imagery, elevation data, maps, software and analytics on pay-per-use or most innovative field-of-use licences. You access data and software easily on virtual GIS desktops and servers in a secure cloud environment, unburdening you from IT and software maintenance while ensuring complete privacy protection for your intellectual property.

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  • We at CloudEO are dedicated to help the rapidly evolving community of ambitious startups and business-oriented scientists in universities and research labs to get their own services and product faster to market, with less upfront investments in data, software and IT.

    Speed up your application development and reduce your time to market with CloudEO GeoService Incubators. At minimum costs you get access to a high volume of multi-source data together with software and IT to develop and test your applications. Our experts for product marketing and communications help you to package and present the products and get feedback from a global market.

  • CloudEO partners with world-leading content and software providers to offer its customers and partners a cloud-based GeoMarketplace, where data, software and processing power come together.

    You have geoproducts to sell? You search for a more cost efficient and more scalable production environment?

    Become one of our partners, and use the CloudEO Store to promote and market your products on a worldwide scale! Using our GeoProduction Center additionally saves production costs and time with special pricing conditions for data and software and our complementary geoprocessing and administration services.