Terrain Profiles

Terrain Profiles
  • Get elevation data between two locations
  • Visualize obstructions in line of sight
  • Simplify microwave link planning
  • Reduce number and costs of site surveys
  • Starting with 50 € for 10 profiles within 1 month (excl. VAT)


The GeoService Terrain Profiles provides high resolution elevation data between two locations. With this service you get an application client, which allows to input coordinates of two locations, get the elevation data as a graph and determine any obstructions between these locations.

Using Terrain Profiles helps telecommunications companies (mobile, TV, broadband, radio) reduce the number of on-site surveys significantly and save costs and time when planning for new towers and upgrading existing wireless networks.

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Terrain Profiles



Powered by 

Intermap NEXTMap 5 DSM & NEXTMap 5 DTM

Off the shelf 

Many countries of Western Europe

On demand 



5 m (horizontal), 1 m (vertical, flat open terrain)

Access Mode 

Windows client



Delivery time 

A few business days


Recommended Use 

Terrain Profiles are extensively used in the telecommunications industry by mobile, TV, broadband, radio and emergency service providers for the line of sight and microwave link design when planning for new towers and upgrading existing networks coverage. The service visualises the Fresnel zone and determines any obstructions in line of sight between two planned locations of antennas or telecoms towers.

Wireless networks design and installation of antennas require understanding of the best possible location and height, so that nothing is obstructing the path between the antennas and the signal is not interrupted by mountains, trees or buildings. Instead of sending out teams of engineers on expensive and labour-intensive site surveys, using Terrain Profiles allows telecoms companies and network planners save on these unnecessary costs by doing the preliminary planning and checking the line of sight quickly and easily without leaving the office.

This service can be used for any other application, where the line of sight test based on high resolution elevation data is of interest. For example by energy providers prior to construction of wind turbines.

Find out more from industry specialists Intermap: DEM Applications in Terrain Profiles


Product Description 

The GeoService Terrain Profiles provides a topographic cross section between two locations, which visualises the relief of the selected area. It includes accurate high resolution elevation data (5m grid), such as natural terrain, vegetation, buildings, power lines and roads.

The service comes with a user friendly client interface, where you can input coordinates of the first and the second location and instantaneously receive a terrain profile as a graph. As a result, you can see what obstructions are standing between the two locations, and in case of telecoms application - what height the antennas should be installed at or whether it is required to consider a different location.

Terrain Profiles are readily available for the following countries in Western Europe: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and Vatican City (collected 2005 – 2008).

Customer Feedback 

  • "By using this Service we have increased our efficiency in the planning”
  • "Think of how much it costs to physically send an engineer on a site survey and compare it to just 15 Euros for a terrain profile. By using the Terrain Profiles I make an incredible saving!"

Product Details 

  • The service comes with a user friendly client interface, which is a simple, intuitive and lean software which can be used in highly secured IT environments. The software does not require any installation, it does not change any system settings and does not modify the registry. It can simply be started with a double click on the *.exe file. You do not require to have any administrator rights or PC software maintenance to run the service.
  • The software is intended to conveniently submit requests for high accuracy profiles from a server, where the high resolution elevation data with 5m lateral resolution are stored. This is a unique data set with unprecedented accuracy and consistent coverage for Western Europe (USA and other regions are also available on demand).
  • The client allows you to input coordinates of the first and the second location and also change values of the attribute fields. For example you can assign a name to a profile, change the antenna height above ground (for telecoms applications) or add the terrain height.
  • By hitting Get Profile button you instantaneously receive a terrain profile as a graph. You can save the result as BMP or KML file. The KML files can be viewed in 3D with the terrain data in Google Earth.
  • You can process profile by profile or open a batch file with multiple profile requests.
  • Unique Feature - the width of a surface profile: instead of just a single line, Terrain Profiles take into account a user specified width of a few ten meters, across which all objects are captured, providing a lateral safety margin and taking into account the first Fresnel zone. By this method, the highest objects within profile width finally define the surface profile and if the line of sight is obstructed or not.
  • Each company can have up to 5 user accounts, so that multiple engineers and planners can use the service at the same time.

Please note 

  • The profiles expire after the subscription period. You can extend the validity of any left profiles at a surcharge.

Pricing / Licensing 

The pricing is based on the length of the subscription period and the number of profiles. Volume discounts for larger packages are available. One account gives access to 5 named users. CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply.