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World-leading Remote Sensing and GIS Software as a Service

Making good use of remote sensing imagery and SAR data requires complex algorithms and expertise. Over the past two decades, multipurpose remote sensing and GIS software were developed to help experts in their tasks to provide the most reliable and meaningful geoinformation to their customers.

Unique on CloudEO these software packages are available on time basis and readily installed on virtual desktops optimized for interactive and automated geo-processing, so-called CloudEO Workbenches.

Small and medium-sized companies scale their remote sensing production workflow. These same pay-per-use models also help governments to save costs and releases burdens from their IT personnel. Professors in universities can simplify their teaching lessons at low costs through academic licenses.

All you need is to subscribe to one of the software packages below and select a CloudEO Workbench, on which you will find the software readily installed for you to use. Pay as you go.

  • You want to see the changes between two dataset?
  • Upload your imagery to your CloudEO change detection account
  • Pick the resulting chang...
ENVI in the Cloud
  • Monthly licenses for ENVI, IDL, Photogrammetry and SARscape
  • Full functionality of the desktop licenses
  • Readily installed on powerful I...
ENVI in the Cloud, Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • Monthly licenses for ENVI, IDL and SARscape for academia
  • Readily installed on powerful IT
  • Storage, backup and maintenance included...
FieldScout, Geocledian
  • The remote field scout for land planner and decision makers in agriculture
  • Web-based field monitoring using Landsat and Sentinel
  • Less...
Ceptu FieldSense
  • Use this IOS or Android APP and monitor crop health most easily
  • Access data and imagery on web, smartphone and tablet
  • Reduce on-site m...
  • Use raw and calibrated Landsat-8 imagery easier and faster
  • Select a scene and retrieve geo- and biophysical indices
  • Understand vegetat...
  • Get regular updates for your area of interest
  • Ready-to-use results from Landsat-8: simple, faster, automated
  • Get vegetation, water, so...
  • Monitor land and shoreline extent over time
  • Understand the history - detect recent changes
  • Determine the presence and extent of harmfu...
  • Order on a monthly basis
  • Any software is readily installed
  • New Landsat-8 images will automatically be uploaded
  • ENVI + IDL...
Racurs, PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench
  • Use for full-scale processing of SAR data
  • Utilize remote sensing data on CloudEO or upload your own data
  • No software installation requ...
PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench, Racurs
  • Full-scale processing of SAR data
  • Use Remote Sensing data on CloudEO or upload your own data
  • Special terms for a territory monitoring...
PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs
  • Get full digital photogrammetry on a virtual desktop
  • Allows 2D & 3D feature extraction
  • Supports UAS, airborne and satellite imager...
PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs
  • Wide range of supported sensors
  • 2D and 3D feature extraction from airborne and satellite imagery
  • Full UAS support
  • Use Remote...
  • Get a bird's eyes view on any location in the world
  • Access billions of high resolution images in seconds
  • Multi-year time-series with u...
LCM, main
  • Land cover maps
  • Vegetated areas and water bodies
  • Bare soil and infrastructure
  • Based on Sentinel-2 imagery
  • Up to biwe...
  • Check climate characteristics
  • Define your analysis period and see thermal emission peaks
  • Understand the varying statistics during the...
  • Monitor the extent of reservoirs and lakes over time
  • Understand the history - detect recent changes
  • Observe seasonal flooding of agric...