Especially today it is very important top attract the target group. Therefore the best way to communicate your message is by using very high resolution satellite imagery.

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  • Detect any changes larger than 500 m2
  • Screen 100s of km2 quickly and at low costs
  • Highlight deforestation after...
Romania, map, vector, shape, touristic map, POI, address, block of flats, stairways
  • Vector geographic data of Romania
  • For geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • More than 1 million addresses, blocks of flats and stairways...
Romania, geo marketing, POI, vectors, shp, shape
  • Vector geographic data of Romania for Geospatial Business Intelligence
  • Geodemographic data
  • Points of interest


PlanetSAT Global, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Affordable high quality imagery basemap
  • Seamless natural colors in 15 m resolution
  • Processed with imagery from 2013-2016 at 15 m resol...
  • Get a bird's eyes view on any location in the world
  • Access billions of high resolution images in seconds
  • Multi-year time-series with u...
  • Check climate characteristics
  • Define your analysis period and see thermal emission peaks
  • Understand the varying statistics during the...
  • Where do I see the windmill?
  • How does the transmission line impact the landscape?
  • Accelerate your planning with a reliable visibility...