Maritime awareness with remote sensing and AIS

The CloudEO GeoMarketplace is a one-stop shop for various maritime GeoServices for environmental analysis, reservoir monitoring, aquaculture, navigation, commodity trading and also tourism. Based on remote sensing imagery, find out about the water quality in your area of interest, or simplify your maritime business with our ship tracking solutions. Flexible subscription models make all services easily accessible and cost efficient for small and large businesses, for commercial entities, academia and institutions.

Image Productsort descending Provider
eoWaterQuality EOMAP
  • Daily measures at medium resolution
  • Coastal and inland water evaluation
  • Worldwide available


Racurs, PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench Racurs
  • Use for full-scale processing of SAR...
PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench, Racurs PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench - Academia Racurs
  • Full-scale processing of SAR data
  • Use Remote Sensing data on CloudEO or upload your own data
  • Special terms for a...
Satellite AIS Satellite AIS - Archive SpaceQuest
  • See where certain ships have been in the past
  • The satellite AIS provides detection on ocean and inland waterways
  • ...
ShowMySite CloudEO
  • Get a bird's eyes view on any location...
TimeCaster Maerospace
  • Professional ship and cargo tracking with enhanced satellite AIS data
  • Position of every ship updated every 10 minutes...
WaterMask WaterMask HySpeed Computing
  • Monitor the extent of reservoirs and lakes over time
  • Understand the history - detect recent changes
  • Observe...