Forestry and Remote Sensing are a natural fit: The vast expanse of the properties, and the density of the growth which makes it literally hard to “see the forest for the trees” always required technology to maintain an overview. Before airplanes and satellites, surveillance towers - which provide a very oblique angle and give limited information beyond fire detection - have been in use to monitor forests in the United States for over a century. Today, aerial and satellite imagery can help detect and assess damages from diseases, pest, fires, or environmental stress (“Waldsterben”); the vitality of the forest vegetation can be monitored using spectral images from satellite or aerial flyovers.

Given the importance of forests not only as an economic resource, but for our global climate, there is a wide range of users for this type of information, from government organizations and NGOs to climate researches and also insurance companies.

CloudEO GeoServices provide up-to-date and historic information tailored to the forest industry, e.g. the estimation and mapping of timber volumes in forests of the northern hemisphere. The information is derived from satellite imagery and can be accessed as webservices (e.g. WMS) or simply as files for download.

Image Productsort ascending Provider
TimeScan on Demand, DLR TimeScan on Demand DLR
  • Get a quick impression on main landcover characteristics
  • Accelerate and improve your classification workflows
  • ...
TimeScan, DLR TimeScan DLR
  • Get a quick impression on main land cover characteristics
  • Accelerate and improve your classification workflows
  • ...
LCM, main Silvisense Science [&] Technology AS
  • Land cover maps delineate vegetated areas, water bodies, bare soil, and infrastructure
  • Vegetated areas are classified in 5...
ShowMySite CloudEO
  • Get a bird's eyes view on any location in the world
  • Access billions of high resolution images in seconds
  • Multi-...
LandMask, HySpeed Computing LandMask HySpeed Computing
  • Monitor land and shoreline extent over time
  • Understand the history - detect recent changes
  • Determine the presence...
forestry, Timber Volume, TV, ground biomass, GSV, Growing Stock Volume, boreal forest E|O|S Timber Volume
  • Timber Volume estimation and mapping
  • Product based on ALOS PALSAR
  • 12 / 25 m spatial resolution. Available for...