• See any site in the world with high resolution imagery
  • Track the development of your site within the last years
  • Improve your documentation and marketing material
  • Cost effective easy online service for construction, insurance, real estate, property development
  • Starting at € 159.- per months for worldwide access

See with CloudEO ShowMySite how your site looks from space now and how it changed within the last years. For most areas you find images with resolution better than 0.5 m and not older than 12 month. In many cases they are even more current. ShowMySite is the most easy to use service. You access the service simply through your standard internet browser. Contact us, if you would like to integrate the service through an API.

Real estate companies, insurances and actually everyone interested to see on a high resolution image the development of a spot on the earth within the last years can do this at low cost and without any data handling needs. Time stamps for each image let you document exactly what happened when and support you in your professional documentation.

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Start date



Powered by 

DigitalGlobe Basemap

Update frequency 

Continuous update; latest data mostly < 1 year

Access mode 

Webaccess with standard browser


API on request

Delivery time 

5 working days


Recommended Use 

The service is of specific interest e.g. for agriculture, construction, engineering, real estate, insurance, mapping, change detection, GIS, surveying, oil and gas, mining, government, environment or forestry.
Up-to-date imagery together with the historical archive helps assess changes in the natural or built landscape, understand and analyze specific geographies of interest on a global scale. Continuous updates help you to track the changes in the selected region.

Product Description 

The GeoService ShowMySite gives location specific access to the most accurate and up-to-date high resolution satellite imagery in RGB format with worldwide availability and is available on subscription bases. Easily accessible online via a web client the service enables you to select a location showing an area of 1 sqkm anywhere in the world and see the latest and historical images of this area.

The service is based on DigitalGlobe Basemap and gives you access to accurate orthorectified 50 cm imagery that are mosaicked and color-balanced to deliver a seamless basemap of all the countries in the world. It has all features and benefits of the Basemap:

  • The most accurate and up-to-date imagery available of all 500 million square kilometers of the planet’s surface
  • Leverages multiple data sources to provide seamless coverage of the Earth’s surface with multiple zoom layers
  • Meets strict accuracy, currency, and aesthetics required for planning, monitoring, and tracking change in defined areas of interest to provide highest quality result
  • Requires no tasking or traditional order processing, and provides immediate off-the-shelf availability of imagery
  • Processing, updating, and hosting provided by DigitalGlobe
  • Easy access available from anywhere in the world
  • Minimizes customer hosting and labor costs
  • Imagery stays updated with high- and mid-resolution coverage expands over time to provide the most relevant product possible

How it works:

  • Subscribe for the service with CloudEO. You will get your account quickly
  • Login with your credentials and select a location anywhere in the world
  • Instantaneously get an accurate high resolution image, showing an area of 1 sqkm around the selected location in high resolution
  • See development of the location by comparing multiple years worth of archived imagery

Main characteristics of the service:

  • Monthly subscription
  • Various packages available dependent on the number of users
  • One click - one image, unlimited number of clicks per user
  • Worldwide coverage
  • No regional limitations
  • Most data sets more recent than 1 year
  • Imagery comes with several years of archived imagery, allowing you to select different dates and showing development of the site
  • You can zoom in to see the selected area in detail
  • Imagery can be downloaded as PNG/JPEG for printing

Please Note 

Beyond the standard options individual product configurations are possible. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize product settings according to your needs. Just contact us.

  • If you like to integrate this service in your own application, we can provide an API. Our experts will help you to set it up easily.
  • Volume discounts for longer subscriptions and / or more accounts are available.

Pricing / Licensing 

The pricing is based on the number of accounts and subscription period. One account is defined by one individual e-mail address. The number of clicks is not limited. The usage is for internal use only. Images may be used for marketing material. Copyright "© DigitalGlobe, © CloudEO" needs to be added within or adjacent to the imagery. CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply