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Making good use of multi-spectral, stereo remote sensing imagery or SAR data requires complex algorithms and expertise. Over the past two decades, multipurpose remote sensing and GIS software were developed to help experts in their tasks to provide the most reliable and meaningful geoinformation to their customers.

However, for companies that make only occasional use of such software, amortization takes a long time (if it can ever be achieved); in addition to licensing cost, such software requires expensive training of specialists, as well as installation, maintenance and IT support. And that is assuming the necessary know-how and personnel is available at all. It also may require upgrades to the user organization’s IT system (be it in research, in private industry, or in government) that are cost-prohibitive.

More often than not, users either have to resort to sub-optimal tools and solutions, which inevitably result in sub-par outcomes; or they try to develop their own, proprietary solutions which comes with their own set of challenges. And at worst, essential information that might have been gained from imagery which was acquired at great cost might be missed - leading to decisions based on incomplete or insufficient information.

Let’s look at a practical example: Governments initiate flight campaigns for aerial photogrammetry in annual or multi-annual cycles. And they only use software to process the photogrammetric data for a few weeks after each campaign. In most cases, the software remains unused for the majority of the licensing term, and often must be updated when the next flight campaign is launched.

Save costs with Software as a Service on CloudEO

Using pay-per-use models on CloudEO helps governments to save costs and releases burdens from their IT personnel. These same pay-per-use models also enable small and medium-sized companies to scale any production component that relies on remote sensing and imagery quite easily. All they need is acquiring the licenses to run the equipment that they own - for everything else, they can quickly extend their workflow to CloudEO workbench, which gives them access to a remote sensing workstation - without the need to invest in additional permanent licences and IT.

Simplify your work with GeoAnalytics from CloudEO and CloudEO Partners

You can draw on innovative CloudEO partners, who offer analytics for specific tasks to further simplify the geoproduction workflow for all, and who drive GeoSharing on CloudEO. The offering of Analytics through CloudEO and its partners is largely growing and covers all aspects defined by Earth Science Data Analytics (Source: Federation of Earth Science Information Partners):

  • Data Preparation – Preparing heterogeneous data so that they can be jointly analyzed
  • Data Reduction – Correcting, ordering and simplifying data in support of analytic objectives
  • Data Analysis – Applying techniques/methods to derive results

Customers can use these GeoAnalytics within their production workflow on CloudEO, or simply request them for data analysis on certain data sets through CloudEO Store or dedicated Apps.

Image Productsort descending Provider
EOMAP, atmospheric correction, Landsat-8 Atmospheric Correction (beta) EOMAP
  • Use atmospherically corrected Landsat 8 data
  • Improve your thematic classificaitons
  • Simplify your analytics
  • ...
ENVI in the Cloud ENVI in the Cloud Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • Monthly licenses for ENVI, IDL, Photogrammetry and SARscape
  • Full functionality of the desktop licenses
  • Readily...
ENVI in the Cloud, Harris Geospatial Solutions ENVI in the Cloud - Academia Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • Monthly licenses for ENVI, IDL and SARscape for academia
  • Readily installed on powerful IT
  • Storage, backup and...
ENVI in the Cloud - Free Trial Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • Try ENVI in the Cloud one week for free
  • No commitment - cancel or upgrade at any time
  • ENVI sample data and...
FieldScout, Geocledian FieldScout Geocledian
  • The remote field scout for land planner and decision makers in agriculture
  • Web-based field monitoring using Landsat and...
Ceptu FieldSense FieldSense Ceptu
  • Use this IOS or Android APP and monitor crop health most easily
  • Access data and imagery on web, smartphone and tablet...
LandMask, HySpeed Computing LandMask HySpeed Computing
  • Monitor land and shoreline extent over time
  • Understand the history - detect recent changes
  • Determine the presence...
PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench, Racurs PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench Racurs
  • Use for full-scale processing of SAR data
  • Utilize remote sensing data on CloudEO or upload your own data
  • No...
PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench, Racurs PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench - Academia Racurs
  • Full-scale processing of SAR data
  • Use Remote Sensing data on CloudEO or upload your own data
  • Special terms for a...
PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs PHOTOMOD Workbench Racurs
  • Get full digital photogrammetry on a virtual desktop
  • Allows 2D & 3D feature extraction
  • Supports UAS, airborne...
PHOTOMOD Workbench - Academia Racurs
  • Wide range of supported sensors
  • 2D and 3D feature extraction from airborne and satellite imagery
  • Full UAS support...
ShowMySite CloudEO
  • Get a bird's eyes view on any location in the world
  • Access billions of high resolution images in seconds
  • Multi-...
ShowMySite - Free Trial CloudEO
  • Get a bird's eyes view on any location in the world
  • Access billions of high resolution images in seconds
  • Multi-...
LCM, main Silvisense Science [&] Technology AS
  • Land cover maps
  • Vegetated areas and water bodies
  • Bare soil and infrastructure
  • Based on Sentinel-2...
Urban Heat Islands, Harris Geospatial Solutions Urban Heat Islands Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • Check climate characteristics
  • Define your analysis period and see thermal emission peaks
  • Understand the varying...
WaterMask WaterMask HySpeed Computing
  • Monitor the extent of reservoirs and lakes over time
  • Understand the history - detect recent changes
  • Observe...