Pleiades Satellite Image - Louvre, Abu Dhabi, UAE, © CNES 2016, Distribution Airbus DS, all rights reserved
  • Benefit from a huge archive of 0.5 m resolution multi-spectral data
  • Suitable for many applications due to infrared channel
  • Flexible tasking possible with up to daily revisits
  • Special monitoring programmes available
  • Use these data on CloudEO and produce geoinformation without any need for data handling, IT and software maintenance.

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PAN: 0.5 m, RGB: 2 m, NIR: 2 m

Access on 

CloudEO Workbench


Recommended use 

The identical twin satellites deliver very-high-resolution optical data products in record time and offer a daily revisit capability to any point.

The VHR satellites' gyros enable them to tilt very quickly along and across track to image different areas of interest. Each Pléiades satellite is thus able to collect imagery anywhere within an 800-km-wide ground strip, covering 200 km in 11 seconds or 800 km in 25 seconds, including stabilization time.

This exceptional agility makes it possible to handle diverse requests simultaneously. Pléaides can image multiple targets, collect strip mosaics up to one square degree, conduct stereo and tri-stereo viewing, and support coastal, border or corridor surveillance—of a pipeline, for example—to closely match users' needs.


Pricing / Licensing 

Many product configurations are possible. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize the product configuration according to your needs and create an individual quote for you. Just contact us. CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply