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PHOTOMOD Workbench from Racurs helps you to create from any type of imagery accurate 3D models and maps. On monthly subscription you get a professional digital photogrammetric system supporting the complete workflow of cartographic production from spatial triangulation of source images to printing of output maps.

You obtain metrically precise spatial data from a multitude of commercially available imaging systems. As the software comes readily installed on CloudEO Workbench, a powerful virtual desktop, you can start to work immediately and get quickly high quality results. With PHOTOMOD Workbench you save setup time, and you have access to the lastest version without any costs for software maintenance and fees for permanent licenses.

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Recommended Use 

With PHOTOMOD you can create highly precise cartographic data for integrated GIS, geoportals and cartographic web-applications from airborne and satellite imagery and even from radar data. The software supports the complete workflow and allows the user to solve tasks in cartography, cadastre, environment monitoring and spatial analysis.
You are using PHOTOMOD on regular bases but you like to add quickly additional instances to accelerate your project work? PHOTOMOD Workbench provides to you the full suite or single modules on a monthly bases.
You are not sure if PHOTOMOD is the best solution for you? Subscribe to PHOTOMOD Workbench and explore at low costs its potential on your own data and without any restrictions in functionality and data access.


Product Description 

PHOTOMOD is a digital photogrammetric system allowing the user to obtain metrically precise spatial data on the basis of commercially available imaging systems, such as frame digital and film cameras, space scanning systems of high resolution, and synthetic aperture radars. PHOTOMOD supports a complete image data processing workflow with a high level of automation for main photogrammetric operations. Due to multiple data exchange formats you can combine your workflow with other applications.

The functions of the aerial triangulation in PHOTOMOD are used to accurately calculate the orientation parameters of images and provide a high geometrical accuracy of the output products: DEM, orthomosaics, digital maps. Aerial triangulation results (orientation parameters) are calculated automatically, and the system provides a full range of tools for accuracy evaluation, visual control and errors analysis. A successful implementation of aerial triangulation project in the PHOTOMOD program allows the user to define spatial coordinates of terrain points with high accuracy and reliability. This provides high quality of further measuring and mapmaking (topographic) works on images.

Today PHOTOMOD is used in more than 70 countries all over the world and is the most popular digital photogrammetric software in Russia. PHOTOMOD is the only digital photogrammetric system with the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense certificate and also the main digital photogrammetric software for the Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation (ROSCOSMOS) and Russian Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (ROSREESTR).

The highly professional and operative technical support services of the Racurs company - the PHOTOMOD software developer - supports customers during all workflow stages, providing consultation, training, and the execution of test projects.

The full suite of PHOTOMOD for optic imagery contains PHOTOMOD Core and all modules for basic and advanced photogrammetric workflows:

  • Photomod AT addressing interior orientation, GCPs input and relative orientation
  • PHOTOMOD SolverA and SolverS supporting Central projection and PUshbroom scanner imagery blocks
  • PHOTOMOD DTM to create and edit digital terrain models and contour lines
  • PHOTOMOD Mosaic to orthorectify imagery and create mosaics
  • PHOTOMOD StereoDraw for stereo feature extraction
  • GIS "Panorama 2011 Mini", a professional desktop cartography system

PHOTOMOD Radar modules work with all types of radar data. The full PHOTOMOD Radar Suite allows:

  • Georeferencing, geocoding and orthorectification
  • DEM generation using stereo processing
  • Interferometric SAR data processing
  • Image improvement tools for edge detection and filtering
  • Image analysis tools to classify SAR data
  • Image evaluation
  • Polarimetric processing
  • Oil spill detection
  • Sea-Waves Analysis
  • Ship detection

From Image To Map 

PHOTOMOD supports you in creating accurate maps from any type of images. With PHOTOMOD Core and GIS " Panorama 2011 Mini" pre-installed, you have everything at hands to guide you through the processing of your photogrammetric project and to create, edit and print digital maps and city plans for different purposes, databases administration with setup of custom forms for viewing table, creating queries and reporting to view territory planning schemes, urban cadastre and other problems.

Basic PHOTOMOD capabilities are project creation and management, block formation, camera parameter input for “Central projection” projects, basic project related operations and auxiliary utilities, like raster converter, image wizard and GeoCalculator.

Impressive Image Mosaics 

With PHOTOMOD Mosaic you can create continuous, color balanced and brightness homogenous orthomosaic from separate images. Geometric and photometric distortions are adjusted during the creation operations. The orthomosaic can be presented as a single frame or as a set of sheets in specified cartographic projections. The system includes automatic and interative options used for building of rectification areas, flexible settings of parameters of output mosaic, that include among other functions color and brightness correction for the whole images block, feathering, recalculation of output data to any coordinate system and automatic accuracy control.

To increase the quality of the output mosaic, the DTM should include breaklines to describe abrupt forms of relief and vertical objects, such as bridges and houses. Mass points and breaklines created in PHOTOMOD DTM modules can be used for this purpose.

From Image To DEM 

The PHOTOMOD DTM module creates and edits the digital terrain model (DTM). The module supports any type of digital terrain model - pickets, breaklines, TIN, DEM, contour lines, etc.

PHOTOMOD DTM has a powerful set of tools for creating, editing, filtering and checking vector objects and external vector data can also be imported. Pickets (3D vector points) can be created manually or automatically over the regular grid, as well as in pathway mode.

The toolset also provides the ability to cut DEM fragments, merge and filter DEMs, or transform to different coordinate systems.


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Please Note 

Beyond the standard options individual product configurations are possible. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize the product configuration according to your needs. Just contact us.

  • For time licences a CloudEO Workbench is required.
  • If you like to get a quote for other PHOTOMOD modules please request a quote.


Pricing / Licensing 

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