PHOTOMOD Workbench

PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs
  • Get full digital photogrammetry on a virtual desktop
  • Allows 2D & 3D feature extraction
  • Supports UAS, airborne and satellite imagery
  • Upload own data or use special offerings by CloudEO
  • No software installation required
  • Save up to 90% with short term licenses

With PHOTOMOD Workbench from Racurs you get access to a high level photogrammetric software as a Service. Photomod supports the complete workflow of cartographic production from spatial triangulation of source images to printing of output maps. You obtain metrically precise 3D models and maps from a multitude of commercially available imaging systems for your tasks in cartography, cadastre, urban planning, environment monitoring and spatial analysis.

Installed on CloudEO Workbench, a powerful virtual desktop, you can subscribe to PHOTOMOD on a monthly basis and start to work immediately. It combines the full functionality of PHOTOMOD with scalable IT and easy access to remote sensing imagery.

  • Are you using PHOTOMOD on a regular basis but you like to add quickly additional instances to accelerate your project work? PHOTOMOD Workbench provides to you the full suite or single modules on a monthly basis.
  • Maybe you are not sure yet if PHOTOMOD is the best solution for you? Subscribe to PHOTOMOD Workbench for one month only and explore at low costs but without any restrictions in functionality and data access. Of course you can upload your own data.

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PHOTOMOD Workbench



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Product description 

PHOTOMOD Workbench is a digital photogrammetric system allowing the user to obtain metrically precise spatial data on the basis of imaging systems, such as frame digital and film cameras, UAS, high resolution satellite scanners. Due to multiple data exchange formats you can combine PHOTOMOD Workbench with other applications available in the CloudEO Store.

Moreover, with the PHOTOMOD Workbench you can easily process all available images from multiple world-leading vendors as represented in the imagery section on the CloudEO Store. With PHOTOMOD Workbench you save setup time, and you have access to the lastest version without any costs for software maintenance and fees for permanent licenses.

If you questions, the highly professional and operative technical support services of the Racurs company supports customers during all workflow stages, providing consultation, training, and the execution of test projects.

PHOTOMOD Packages 

2D&3D feature extraction
The package supplies the user with a full set of tools for 2D and 3D-vectorization (anaglyph stereo viewing) and editing of drawn terrain objects. You may use vectorized objects as a topographic basis of cartographic production or input them as initial data to create geometric model scene during 3D modeling. The package includes 3D-Mod program for 3D modeling and exporting specially prepared 3D objects to DXF format.

Orthorectification and Mosaicking
During mosaic creation using PHOTOMOD Workbench tools you can build single seamless, color balanced and brightness homogenous orthomosaic with high accuracy from separate images. Geometric and photometric distortions are adjusted during the creation operation. Output product (orthomosaic) could be presented as a single frame or a set of sheets in specified cartographic projection with marginalia.
The system includes automatic and interactive options used for building of rectification areas, flexible settings of parameters of output mosaic, that include color and brightness correction for the whole images block, seams feathering, recalculation of output data to any coordinate system, automatic accuracy control, distributed processing and much more.

DTM/DSM generation
The package allows the user to automatically create digital terrain models (DTM), digital surface models (DSM) and dense DSM (Semi-Global Matching method) from aerial and satellite images. The digital terrain model created in PHOTOMOD Workbench ensures high quality of orthomosaic, and also serves as a source of detailed information about terrain relief and is used to solve analytical tasks.
The package supports any type of digital elevation model: pickets, breaklines, TIN, DEM, contour lines, point clouds, etc.

Full photogrammetric suite
The complete suite of PHOTOMOD for remote sensing data processing contains tools for advanced photogrammetric workflows from aerial triangulation to 3D feature extraction.
The suite provides a closed production cycle, and involves the generation of many kinds of value-added products: digital maps, DEM, orthomosaics, 3D-vectors, point clouds, etc., without the use of third party solutions.

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  • PHOTOMOD packages: Select one of the software options.
  • IT configuration: Select the type of IT configuration, where the software shall be installed for you. We recommend CloudEO Workbench Standard or Standard Plus. It is easy to upgrade if you need more power or storage. Of course, if you already have a workbench, you do not need to subscribe to an additional one. Simply select the option: "I use my current CloudEO Workbench". Please find more descriptions on CloudEO Workbench and its configurations here: CloudEO Workbench.
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Once we receive your order, you will get immediately a confirmation e-mail and as soon as your workbench is ready you will be informed and receive your credentials and a short user guide how to access.

Please note 

Beyond the standard options individual product configurations are possible. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize the product configuration according to your needs. Just contact us.

  • If you like to get a quote for other PHOTOMOD modules please request a quote.
  • The image size for PHOTOMOD UAS is limited to 60 megapixels
  • For discount for academia visit our product PHOTOMOD Workbench - Academia.


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