Racurs company has 20 years long history of success on Russian and worldwide geoinformatics markets. Since its foundation in 1993 our company has been developing an innovative digital mapping software for processing aerial, space and terrestrial imagery. Our flagship product PHOTOMOD was one of the first digital photogrammetric systems on the market that was designated for working on off-the-shelf PCs. Today PHOTOMOD is the most popular digital photogrammetric software in Russia and well known all over the world.

The main Racurs business activities are:

  • PHOTOMOD development and further integration into Russian and international markets
  • Photogrammetric production services using both airborne and satellite imagery
  • R&D in the field of RSD processing software, methods, and algorithms
  • Remote-sensing data distribution in Russia and the CIS countries

On CloudEO GeoMarketplace you can subscribe to PHOTOMOD on a monthly basis. It comes readily installed on CloudEO Workbench.

Image Productsort ascending Provider
PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs PHOTOMOD Workbench - Academia Racurs
  • Wide range of supported sensors
  • 2D and 3D feature extraction from airborne and satellite imagery
  • Full UAS support...
PHOTOMOD Workbench, Racurs PHOTOMOD Workbench Racurs
  • Get full digital photogrammetry on a...
PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench, Racurs PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench - Academia Racurs
  • Full-scale processing of SAR data
  • Use Remote Sensing data on CloudEO or upload your own data
  • Special terms for a...
Racurs, PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench Racurs
  • Use for full-scale processing of SAR...