CloudEO AG provides a worldwide and vendor-independent GeoMarketplace, simplifying the geobusiness for customers and partners.

Customers save costs and administration efforts with ready-to-use GeoServices. These services include solutions for many industries from agriculture to urban planning as well as multi-purpose remote sensing imagery, elevation data, thematic maps, software, analytics and a secure and scalable IT.

CloudEO Partners expand their market reach and increase their competitiveness with new business models for data, software and IT - enabled by CloudEO's unique cloud architecture. Complementary platform services simplify access and processing of geodata, and publishing of geoinformation.

Startups speed up their application development and reduce their time to market with our GeoService Incubators.

Image Productsort ascending Provider
CloudEO Workbench Workbench CloudEO
  • Boost your geoprocessing with this unique virtual remote sensing and GIS desktop
  • Publish your results easily
  • Find...
Terrain Profiles Terrain Profiles CloudEO
  • Get elevation data between two locations
  • Visualize obstructions in line of sight
  • Simplify microwave link planning...
ShowMySite CloudEO
  • Get a bird's eyes view on any location...
Landsat-8 Workbench - BETA CloudEO
  • Order on a monthly basis
  • Any...
CloudEO Evaluation Workbench Evaluation Workbench CloudEO
  • Would like to check if a virtual remote sensing or GIS desktop is right for you?
  • Test our evaluation workbench for free...
CloudEO Development Center CloudEO
  • Business coaching - reduce your time to market!
  • Free access to Terabytes of commercial geodata
  • Remote sensing...