• Get a high-resolution orthorectified radar image (ORI) of the earth's surface
  • Corrected to remove geometric distortions caused by the terrain
  • Realistic view of topographic features like rivers and road networks
  • Provides images for regions with persistent cloud cover
  • Buy as add on for Europe: NEXTMap DEM - Europe
  • Get short term licenses at: NEXTMap as a Service - Europe

With NEXTMap ORI you get an orthorectified radar image (ORI) offering a high-resolution, realistic view of topographic features like rivers and road networks of consistent quality. It is produced from proprietary interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR) sensors and therefore provides images even from regions where there is persistent cloud cover.

Many geospatial applications can be supported by NEXTMap ORI, including topographic and geological mapping, land coverage classification, and forestry analyses.

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Off the shelf 

Western Europe (collected 2005 – 2008)


USA (collected 2004 – 2009)


1.25 m, Accuracy 2 m RMSE

Access mode 

CloudEO Workbench, Filetransfer



Delivery time 

A few business days



Product description 

The orthorectified Radar Image (ORI) is a grayscale image of the earth’s surface that has been corrected to remove geometrical distortions that are a normal part of the imaging process. This product appears similar to a black-and-white aerial photograph. What differentiates an ORI from a photograph is that an ORI uses radar signals, not visible light, to produce images. As the radar waves strike the ground and return to the antennae, they also provide distance and intensity measurement data.

The key feature of this product is that it provides a means of viewing the earth’s surface in a way that accentuates features far more than is possible with aerial photography. The radar pulses are transmitted at an angle from the side of the aircraft, which casts "shadows" that enable the user to visually perceive the elevation information in the image, which appears similar to a shaded relief.

The ORI has many applications in value-added products. For example, it can be used to extract cultural features, such as road networks and buildings, and it lends itself readily to terrain, land cover, and geological analyses.


Please note 

  • NEXTMap ORI can be acquired as add on to all NEXTMap DEM products.
  • For Europe: If you like to acquire areas for Europe, you can order NEXTMap ORI at NEXTMap DEM - Europe or for time licenses at NEXTMap as a Service - Europe.
  • For all other areas: Just contact us.

Pricing / Licensing 

The price is calculated on area bases. Volume discounts and short term licenses are available. Intermap EULA and CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply.