Ceptu FieldSense
  • Use this IOS or Android APP and monitor crop health most easily
  • Access data and imagery on web, smartphone and tablet
  • Reduce on-site measurements required
  • Benefit from weekly satellite imagery
  • No system integration required
  • No data handling and image processing


The GeoService FieldSense from Ceptu is an IOS and Android APP for smartphone and tablet or can be accessed through a standard web browser. Based on frequent satellite imagery is provides as well information about the crop development within a field in the past as well the recent status.

Farmers and crop consultants can use the information provided by the application to make more informed decisions about dealing with problematic and stressed crops, or to make sure that their crops are developing optimally. FieldSense is not a replacement for manual monitoring, rather a supplement to it.

FieldSense utilizes state-of-the-art satellite technology to measure the Chlorophyll content of crops. Based on this measurement, biomass maps are generated and illustrated graphically. The information is overlaid on true-color satellite imagery.

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Start date
E.g., 2018-01-21



Powered by 

Geocledian vitality map, Landsat-8, Sentinel-2

Off the shelf 

Denmark (June 2013 - present)

On demand 

Other European countries coming in 2017

Update frequency 

Weekly, may be less due to cloud cover or image quality


up to 10 m

Access mode 

Available on smartphone, tablet and web


Recommended use 

During the agricultural season, crops face a number of dangers that can lead to drops in yield and lost revenue. Monitoring fields and staying alert are key to reducing these dangers. The most common monitoring approach used by farms is for employees to visit every field and manually evaluate crop health. To simplify this costly and time-consuming process FieldSense was developed.

Farmers, consultants and agronomist can greatly enhance the effectiveness of their decision making without the need to handle and process satellite imagery and can reduce the number of ground surveys.

If you are interested in a detailed and recent information about the health and growth of the vegetation, FieldSense will be of great help:

  • Get an overview of your fields and prioritize successfully the manual monitoring in order to avoid misjudgments to the overall crop health
  • Detect potential problems early during seasons of growth and reduce treatment costs or use of fertilizers and pesticides. This results in a more optimized and sustainable agricultural production
  • Fast and frequent crop monitoring by receiving weekly updates of satellite images
  • Review and compare field data from previous seasons which are stored permanently and evaluate prior actions
  • Precision farming becomes simpler high resolution earth observation imagery. Much higher resolutions are expected in 2018
  • On-site monitoring of your crops by using the smartphone and tablet application or from your office through the FieldSense web application


Product description 

The monitoring service FieldSense Service utilizes state-of-the-art satellite technology to measure the Chlorophyll content of crops. Based on this measurement, the photosynthetic activity of those crops is determined and illustrated graphically as biomass maps. The information is overlaid on true-color satellite imagery.

The application currently provides:

  • True-color satellite imagery
  • Biomass maps that indicate the vitality of the crops
  • Variation maps that highlight heterogeneities within a field

FieldSense is easy to use wherever you are. No data or web service integration into your farm management system is needed. Simply use the application when you are in your fields using the smartphone and tablet applications, or immerse yourself in more detailed vegetation maps at home through the FieldSense web application.

The application currently provides satellite imagery with a spatial resolution of up to 10x10 meters, and a temporal resolution of 7-10 days. In 2018, it is expected that the application will be able to deliver satellite imagery of a much higher spatial and temporal resolution.

Please note 

  • Every acquired image from the respective satellites will be analysed. Thus a weekly update frequency can be achieved. However, depending on the image quality and especially the cloud cover the update frequency may be less.
  • Multi-year accounts are available with discounts

Pricing / Licensing 

The price is calculated on area basis. Access for the selected subscription period is granted to one named user and this user's employees and crop consultants.
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