• The remote field scout for land planner and decision makers in agriculture
  • Web-based field monitoring using Landsat and Sentinel
  • Less on-site measurements required
  • Up to weekly updates
  • Cloud free data
  • Starting at € 1.- / ha

The GeoService ag|knowledge from geocledian is your remote field scout minimizing your need for onsite surveys! It allows you to monitor the vitality of the crop throughout the year. With a weekly or biweekly update rate you get recent information about the development and condition of the crop on selected regions together with statistical information based on multiple data takes within the last years.

ag|knowledge is designed for agricultural applications, precision farming companies, farming consultants and farm managers. It is easy to use and helps to understand the development of the crops on your fields so that you could make quick and timely decisions based on the current condition of the crop, as well as analyse growth trends over years to plan for more sustainable, resource- and cost-saving farming.

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How to define an AOI?
How to define an AOI

Draw AOI
Use to draw your AOI, double click to finish a polygon. You can edit your polygon with If you want to delete a polygon use to select it and click on .
Upload AOI as KML/KMZ
Click on to go to your AOI page:
  • Here you can upload your AOI (area of interest) as KML/KMZ files.
  • The programm will use the first valid polygon in the file.
  • Please refresh the product page in your browser if you make any changes at the AOI page!


Powered by 

Landsat 8, Sentinel-2

Off the shelf 

Cape Town, Denmark, Germany, Northern Italy

On demand 


Update frequency 

Weekly, may be less due to cloud cover or image quality


Sentinel-2: 10 m, Landsat 8: 30 m

Access mode 

Webservice, filetransfer



Delivery time 

Usually within 48h after data acquisition

Service setup time 

Few working days

Historical analysis 

Statistics using data from Landsat 8 (since April 2013)


and Sentinel-2 (since Nov 2015)


Recommended use 

Time series of satellite imagery like Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 are a unique source to understand the development of vegetation. The GeoService FieldScout makes this information easy to use also for non remote sensing experts. Farmers and decision makers in agriculture can integrate this service into their IT systems, into web- and mobile applications.

Without the need for onsite measurements, customers get for each registered parcel time series of true color satellite imagery, plant vitality and plant variability. Optimized visualizations make is easy to highlight crop health, to provide statistical parameters, to support management zones and to compare e.g. crop development on different fields.

The service provides easy access to visual and numerical information from satellite data for remote field monitoring on a yearly subscription basis. You can access this service via web application. For a first impression check our demo client.

Find out more about ag|knowledge from geocledian:


Product description 

The product can be ordered with two options, the basic monitoring and the professional monitoring package. Both packages provide dense time series of field status for the selected years based on satellite data. All suitable imagery from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 with sufficiently low cloud coverage are used. The results are typically available after 48 hours of data acquisition.

  • The basic monitoring package helps with visual products to detect pests, diseases and nutrition deficiencies. It supports you to verify crop types and assess damages.

    Products: Time series of true color images, vitality, variability, NDVI float, NDVI statistics, notifications

  • The professional monitoring package with numerical products provides reflectance satellite data. It serves as input for agricultural modelling and advisory services.

    Products: Reflectance data (16 bit GeoTIFF)

Please note 

Beyond the standard options individual product configurations are possible. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize the product configuration according to your needs. Just contact us.

  • The start date of January, 1st can be changed if the agricultural season is different from Central Europe
  • If you like to integrate ag|knowledge into in your solutions, please check FieldScout API.
  • Flat fees for larger area provide a cost efficient solution, if many smaller areas of interest are concentrated within one region
  • Free source code of geocledian web widgets is available

Pricing / Licensing 

The pricing is based on the size of the selected area. The minimum order value is 300 Euro. Access for the selected subscription period is granted to one named user. CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply.