Evaluation Workbench

CloudEO Evaluation Workbench
  • Would like to check if a virtual remote sensing or GIS desktop is right for you?
  • Test our evaluation workbench for free
  • View sample data from various providers
  • Find ready installed QGIS, GAIA and ESA Sentinel Toolbox
  • Easy access, no costs, no commitments
  • Your subscription ends automatically after one week


With CloudEO Evaluation Workbench you get a free CloudEO Workbench for one week. It comes with readily installed open source software and imagery from various providers for your testing. No need to install sophisticated and expensive software and hardware, try our processing capacity for free. After one week the workbench will be closed and all data you may have generated will be deleted.
For more information on CloudEO Workbench, please visit CloudEO Workbench.

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Evaluation Workbench



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Webaccess with standard browser


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