EROS B, Application Maritime Monitoring, satellite image cloud
  • Spectral resolution: 0.5 – 0.9 µm
  • Standard panchromatic resolution: 0.7 m
  • Altitude: 500 km
  • Swath: 7 km
  • Orbits the earth almost 16 times each day

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0.7 m

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Product Details 

The EROS Satellites are lightweight LEO satellites with a single electro optical camera system.
EROS satellites acquire high-resolution panchromatic image data. EROS satellites are designed to maximize operator flexibility in the creation and adaptation of the daily image acquisition plan. The satellites are deployed in a circular sun-synchronous near polar orbit at an altitude of about 500 km. EROS B orbits the earth almost 16 times each day delivering imagery data in real time to ground receiving stations worldwide. EROS B can be quickly pointed and stabilized to image customer specified sites on nadir (perpendicular to the surface) or at oblique angles up to 45 degrees and even more. Oblique viewing enables the satellite to view virtually any site on the earth as often as two to three times per week.

ImageSat International offers various types of panchromatic Images from EROS B satellites:

  • Imaging Technique - the manner in which the satellite payload is used to acquire the imagery information
  • Processing Level - the level of post processing performed on the ground after acquisition and reception of the imagery at the ground station

Standard product of EROS high resolution imagery is minimum 80% (eighty percent) clouds free. In order to address market demand for higher resolution and faster revisit of EROS satellites, ImageSat has launched the EROS B satellite.
The EROS B satellite has superior capabilities, including a larger camera of CCD/TDI type (Charge Coupled Device/Time Delay Integration), with standard panchromatic resolution of 0.70 m at an altitude of about 500 km, a larger on-board recorder, improved pointing accuracy and a faster data communication link.
The expected lifespan of the EROS B is beyond 2022.

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