ENVI in the Cloud - Academia

ENVI in the Cloud, Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • Monthly licenses for ENVI, IDL and SARscape for academia
  • Readily installed on powerful IT
  • Storage, backup and maintenance included
  • Easy upload own data and own analytics
  • Bundle with Data as a Service and get a special price


Professors use ENVI in the Cloud - Academia from Harris Geospatial Solutions for research and teaching lessons. Students have an easy access for their individual training on advanced remote sensing tools for all types of earth observation data at low costs and without any IT administration required.
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ENVI in the Cloud - Academia



Powered by 

Spacemetric Photogrammetry


Spectral Sciences Atmospheric Correction (ACM)

Access mode 

CloudEO Workbench

Delivery time 

A few business days


Pricing / Licensing 

ENVI in the Cloud - Academia is available on monthly basis. EXELIS VIS EULA and CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply.