ENVI in the Cloud

ENVI in the Cloud
  • ENVI and IDL available on a monthly basis
  • Readily installed for you
  • Storage and computing power included
  • Upload own data and own software
  • Bundle with Data as a Service and get a special price
  • Starting at € 396.- per month

With ENVI in the Cloud you get access to the remote sensing software packages ENVI and IDL as a Service. The base software package, as well as selected add-on modules for atmospheric correction, photogrammetry and feature extraction are available on a monthly basis and the required IT is also included. For more information about possible Workbech configurations please see table below.

Remote sensing experts in industry and governments save time and money with ENVI in the Cloud. They can login to ready installed ENVI and IDL on virtual desktops and accelerate their remote sensing projects at low costs with these short term licenses.

ENVI in the Cloud is the perfect environment to evaluate the capabilities of ENVI and IDL for your tasks.

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ENVI in the Cloud



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CloudEO Workbench

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5 working days


Recommended use 

This environment saves time and money for remote sensing experts, value adding companies and governments who want to use one or more licenses of ENVI or IDL – but only for a short period of time.

Instead of buying and installing additional software licenses and IT, ENVI in the Cloud allows users to start immediately; the package includes the temporary use of ENVI, IDL, and the add-ons, combined with the required processing power and storage capacity. That way, users can provide information from remote sensing imagery to their customers quicker without any costly and risky investment in software and administration overhead.

ENVI in the Cloud is also a "test track" for individuals or companies who want to explore if the capabilities of ENVI or IDL meet their needs, prior to buying a full license. They get access to the functionality at a low monthly cost and can test it on their own data. There is no need to bother with any software installations and that way no compliance issues with the company’s IT policy have to be considered in the early evaluation phase.


Product description 

ENVI​ combines advanced image processing and proven geospatial analysis technology to help you extract meaningful information from your data and make better decisions.
IDL​ is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use scientific programming language for scientists and engineers across disciplines. IDL makes it simpler and faster to extract meaningful visualizations from complex numerical data.

  • Feature Extraction
    • Find and extract specific objects of interest from all types of imagery with the ENVI Feature Extraction Module (ENVI FX). User-friendly tools enable you to extract features from geospatial imagery based on the object’s spatial, spectral and texture characteristics, and identify them as objects like vehicles, buildings, roads, coastlines, rivers, lakes and fields. 3D point cloud feature extraction is also available in this module. Feature identification can be performed on an entire point cloud scene or a user defined subset of a scene – providing you with accurate information in a fraction of time. Features you can extract include buildings, trees, power line vectors, poles and attachments. The inherent flexibility of ENVI FX lets you modify parameters and data at any stage of the process. Designed specifically for GIS users and fully integrated with ESRI’s ArcGIS® software, ENVI FX includes unique step-by-step workflows that guide you easily through complex image analysis tasks.
  • Atmospheric Correction
    • Remove atmospheric interference from your imagery with the ENVI Atmospheric Correction Module (ENVI ACM). Whether you require an advanced, physics-based technique, or rather an on-the-fly method for real-time data processing, ENVI ACM offers a flexible solution that delivers the accurate and scientific detail you need. ENVI ACM treats each image and its atmospheric imprint individually to create a unique model that is a true, reliable representation of a specific image scene. The ENVI Atmospheric Correction Module works on both multispectral and hyperspectral data and automatically supports today's most frequently used sensors.
  • ENVI Photogrammetry Module
    • Register imagery to ground coordinates and geometrically correct them to remove distortions that happen during image capture with the ENVI Photogrammetry Module. It delivers a trusted, rigorous orthorectification method with robust capabilities. A wizard-based interface guides users through orthorectification steps to produce expert-level results quickly, regardless of their experience level. It creates a seamless data transition, easily taking you from data ingest through orthorectification with the option to export results for further analysis or inclusion in your GIS products. The ENVI Photogrammetry Module also generates synthetic 3D point clouds from space-borne optical imaging platforms. To do so, it uses multi-ray photogrammetry techniques that involve feature detector pixel correlation and dense image matching. This functionality produces LAS format output files that can be used with wide variety of point cloud visualization and processing tools. Users can take advantage of large commercial imagery archives and also use this capability to create point cloud and terrain products where flying airborne LiDAR is not feasible or would be cost-prohibitive.


Video gallery 

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Pricing / Licensing 

ENVI in the Cloud is available on monthly basis and includes a CloudEO Workbench in standard configuration. EXELIS VIS EULA and CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply.