DMC Imagery

DMC, base map, satellite image, country coverage, 22m, WMS, use for free, time license
  • Spectral bands: G, R, NIR
  • Spatial resolution: 22 m
  • Swath: 650 km
  • Revisit: daily
  • Calibration to Landsat 7 (± 1%)
  • On CloudEO you find free access to TB of data for development

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How to define an AOI

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DMC Imagery



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22 m

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We will ingest your selected products on your CloudEO Workbench or we make them available for download to your IT environment. As soon as your products are ready for access you will receive a notification.
If you need other than our default data types, data formats and projections - just let us know.

Product details 

DMC Imagery from the unique earth observation constellation (DMC) provides global, high frequency optical imaging from multiple satellites in a seamless commercial service. It is a unique source for daily monitoring of large areas and are widely used for commercial and government applications including agriculture, forestry and environmental mapping.

  • Wide area coverage (650 km) at 22 m
  • Outstanding data quality
  • Landsat compatible and GIS ready
  • Unique source for frequent monitoring of large areas
  • Cost effective tool for agriculture, forests, land cover and much more
  • Global coverage
  • Signal-to-noise > 100:1
  • Absolute radiometry - 4%
  • Gain-configurable
  • Bands [µm]: Near IR (0.77-0.90), Red (0.63-0.69), Green (0.52-0.60)

For production and development you get fast and easy access to terabytes of DMC Imagery on CloudEO Workbench. Here you also find the necessary tools to analyse imagery, generate GIS analysis and deliver your products. Apply for a CloudEO Service Development License at and get free access.

Pricing / Licensing 

Together with our partner DMCii we created unique price and data access models on CloudEO to support you in developing, producing and delivering high quality services to your customers at low costs.

Permanent license
If you like to use imagery at your premises, please order data on CloudEO Store. We ship it to you together with the end-user licence for permanent use. However, if you would like to get rid of data handling and save operational costs for IT infrastructure and software, license the data for use on CloudEO and save additional 10% of data costs.

CloudEO Service Development License
If you want to develop high quality applications and services the typically free sample data are never enough. On CloudEO Workbench you can access terabytes of DMCii imagery together with professional software and powerful processing power at no costs. Let us know your development idea and apply for our Service Development License at

CloudEO Service Operations License
DMCii and CloudEO are happy to work with you for the best technical and commercial setup to make your existing service even more successful. Apply for our Service Operations License at

DMCii EULA and CloudEO Terms & Conditions apply.