CloudEO Development Center

  • Business coaching - reduce your time to market!
  • Free access to Terabytes of commercial geodata
  • Remote sensing software packages and powerful IT included
  • API based data access for automated workflows
  • Privacy for your IP and data

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CloudEO Development Center



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Product description 

CloudEO offers to you a unique development environment

  • Fast and free access to Terabytes of commercial geodata
    • Access to thousands of scenes from remote sensing satellites like DMC Imagery, DEIMOS-1, EROS-B, KOMPSAT, Landsat
    • Sample data from all offerings on CLOUDEO Store
    • Full coverage of 5 and 30m DEM
    • Airborne data from Aerogrid
    • Vector data over whole of Romania
  • Ready to use geo-software installed, e.g. ENVI Photogrammetry Module
  • Powerful IT included
  • Privacy for your IP and data
  • Full administration rights for your Workbench
  • Automated backup of your work
  • Business coaching

On CloudEO Development Workbench you find software packages, access to a comprehensive offering of geo data and IT power to develop high quality applications with minimum upfront investement.


  • Develop Analytics based on ENVI and IDL:
    One ouf our software packages are ENVI and IDL. Together with the offering of large coverages of the earth of DEIMOS imagery you can easily develop powerful analytics. Once developed, you can use these models to accelerate your own production workflows on CloudEO or you can offer these models to selected partners or to all CloudEO users. CloudEO will support you in the whole marketing process and take care to secure your IP - there is no need for you to think of licencing, user registration and accounting.
  • Develop new geo-information products:
    Use on CloudEO Workbench your software applications and your data to generate new geo-information products. Of course you can combine with CloudEO content and software offering. Our special setup allows high performant interactive work - making it easy to tweak and tune your processing chains and analyse the results.
  • Gather market feedback for your new products:
    Without travel costs, without admin efforts and without risking your IP you can share your results with your prospects and potential business partners. Generate demo products on CloudEO or upload your products and test with your prospects their relevance and market value without handing out your software application or the content you generate.

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